Recent Question/Assignment

Times have changed throughout your schooling. The Covid crisis changed every element of society from relationships to social distancing to medical and philosophical arguments and so forth. In this first paper, I want you to reflect on your private journey since the onset of Covid in December of 2020. Here are some bullet points to guide you.
• Schools go online/hybrid and society closes
• In a panic people rush to buy toilet paper, pasta, and other tangible items
• Millions of family members lose their jobs and major companies such as the airlines grind to a halt.
• You are told to shelter in place, wear masks and only leave your home if absolutely necessary.
• Politicians argue with the medical community; deaths from the disease reach one million and the mood of America is somber. Here is your prompt!! In this paper I want you to be as honest as possible and discuss how you and your loved ones navigated through this crisis, and potentially are still struggling. How did you cope with social isolation, wearing masks, and dealing with a change in your educational life? Calmness, fear, confusion, loneliness anger, and isolation are realities you might reflect on. Even though life may be back to normal, psychologists suggest that your generation has been changed forever and you may not understand these changes. Here are some guiding questions for you to consider.
• How isolated were you and have you recovered?
• Did you follow the CDC guidelines and did you get vaccinated?
• Did your family members lose their jobs and were you affected economically?
• Did any family member contract Covid? Die??
• Did anyone in your family need counseling?
Before you write your paper, it might be interesting to understand how others have dealt with tragedy and isolation.
• How did Anne Frank deal with living in an attic?
• How do prisoners handle solitary confinement?
• Former Arizona Senator, John McCain, was a prisoner of War for four years, how did he survive?
• How do astronauts live in space?
• How do elderly people live in nursing homes when no one comes to visit?
To summarize!!
• You will develop a timeline that will guide you through the last two years.
• You are required to insert three quotes, data points of references.
• Your paper must tie together your experiences, your emotions, and thoughts about what you learned about yourself.
• Be specific; use bold and creative language and be honest.