Need Balance Sheet Assignment Help

Balance sheet is a sheet that displays the balance of an thing or a company at a specific point of period i.e. more specifically on a particular date at the end of the financial year. Balance sheet is a report of a firm’s asset, liabilities and share holders equity or net worth of an company. The asset part broadly consists of the fixed assets, investments and current assets between others, and the Liabilities part mostly consists of the long term liabilities and short period liabilities between others.
Balance sheet as the title suggests, it balances out of the two sides of the financial book at the end of the accounting period. Balance sheet is an essential financial book of a firm that summarizes the assets, liabilities and the shareholders value of a firm. It is well prepared in a standardized kind as per the rules laid down in the Generally Accepted accounting principles (GAAP). However, several set of market or business consists of different tips detailed by the regulatory authority. Small businesses are likely to have simple balance sheet compared to big flourished businesses which sustain segmented balance sheet in addition to the combined ones for various businesses.
Balance sheet is one of the approaching financial books of a firm among the cash flow and profit & loss statement that all openly traded companies are required to file with the swaps and the Registrar of companies. This is the only financial statement that is well prepared at the end of the financial year by the companies and delivers to a single factor in time of a business’s calendar year for statutory functions.
Balance sheet is a overview that displays the way in which a company balances its resources by way of liabilities and share holder’s equity ( asset = liabilities + shareholder equity ) . One may even say that the shareholders equity is the variation between the companies assets and liabilities which is also known as the capital of the company or net assets of the organization.
These 3 sections, the asset, liabilities and the shareholders equity shows an buyer to what the firm owes and what it owns along with the cash delivered by the investors to the company. Each and every segments of these balance sheet have several accounts under them such as cash account, inventory account and fixed assets or property accounts among others on its asset side and accounts such as accounts payable, long term debt like others on the liabilities side of the balance sheet.
Balance sheet shows the user of the financial books of the company concerning its financial energy about the existing as well as future prospect of the firm via several sets of ratios that could be determined from it such as the debt/equity ratio that shows its capital framework, Current ratio ( current asset/current liabilities), Cash Ratios, Return on Equity, Return on Investment among others. The ratios indicate the liquidity, profitability and the financial leverage of the company with others.