Consumer Behaviour Assignment Help

Consumer Behaviour is the research that when, how and from where customer purchases the product or service. Since customer is the delicate aspect, consumer behaviour research focus that what sort of judgement consumer will take when they are buying the product. It in addition tries to evaluate impact on on the customer from groups such as friends and family, and society.

Consumer is a particular person who utilizes the end product or services. Consumer could be an individual or group of individuals. Consumer purchases the product for numerous purposes which may consist of purchasing of product for desire, for the reason to gift or when it comes to showing the social reputation. All these reasons help in generating the demand from customers of the product. People consume products and services to get the satisfaction of all their requirements and desires.

There may be countless factors for what reason a buyer cannot purchase a specific product.

These reasons might incorporate likes and personal preference, earnings of the consumer is minimal that he can't manage to pay for good. Salary of the consumer impacts the marketplace demand of a product to a huge magnitude. There are different types of consumers. A few are of the nature that they are extremely price sensitive however some consumers are certainly not sensitive to price variations. Connection between price of a product and demand of the product is termed as price elasticity of demand. Buyers with big earnings or who actually are in urgent need of the products will undoubtedly be completely ready to spend no matter what the price of the product or services reaches. Alternatively, there are customers who are always looking for low costed goods.

There are different types of consumers

  • Personal consumers
  • Seasonal consumers
  • Organisational consumers
  • Need based consumer
  • Discount driven consumer
  • Habitual consumers
  • Impulse consumers