Recent Question/Assignment

(2) Academic Reflection
Once you have completed your e-Portfolio, you will write a 1500 word academic reflection based on the artefacts in your e-Portfolio. You may write the academic reflection in the First Person but make sure that your writing is not too informal.
The academic reflection will have the following six sections:
A cover sheet/title page which includes:
the assignment name, your name and student number, your tutor's name, and your tutorial day and time
1 Introduction to describe the overall structure of the academic reflection (100 words)
1 section for the case study analysis (900-1000 words). This should be the same the case study that you have chosen from the above list and have included as an artefact in your e-Portfolio– see how to write a case using RMIT's instructions (Links to an external site.)
1 section to explain what you learned in your micro-credential (150 words) – this can be the same text from your e-Portfolio
1 section to explain how you chose to populate your LinkedIn profile (150 words) – this can be the same text from your e-Portfolio
1 Conclusion to describe what ‘summary’ learning you achieved from creating the e-portfolio and academic reflection (100 words)
1 section that clearly provides the URL to your e-portfolio and your LinkedIn Profile (not included in the word count)
Your reference list should have between 6 - 12 academic journal article citations for the case study as well as to justify why a LinkedIn profile is useful and why the micro-credential you earned was meaningful. The reference list is not included in the word count.
Remember to consistently link each section of the report to a relevant/appropriate management theory, framework, and/or concept that you learned this semester.
Being specific, instead of making general statements, will improve the quality of your effort - and your mark. Remember, you are attempting to demonstrate your learning from this course in application.