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Assignment 1 – Practical Site Logistics
General Notes:
1. This Assignment is worth 50% of your final grade.
2. The due date for hand-in Monday 3 May 2021.
3. Late hand in for up to a week will incur an automatic deduction of 30%.
4. Assignments will not be accepted for any submission later than one week.
5. References should be cited according to APA standard 6th edition
6. Your entire submission should be limited to 4000 words.
7. Your submission must be your own work. Any cheating, plagiarism or academic
dishonesty will be dealt with according to the relevant University Statutes. We will
also be utilising Turnitin software as one of the means to detect plagiarism.
A plagiarism index of greater than 10% will be subject to disciplinary action.
You are working for a Main Contractor on the construction of a medium rise hotel /
commercial building with an adjacent 3 level carpark on a site in Parnell, Auckland.
The developer wishes to construct the building on the majority of the site, which already has
several existing buildings which the developer wishes to continue to use during the
construction of the new facilities.
Legal Description Address
Lot 6 ALLOT 73 SEC 1 Suburbs
1 Suburbs AUCKLAND, Lot 8
ALLOT 73 SEC 1 Suburbs
1 Suburbs of Auckland, Lot 10
ALLOT 73 SEC 1 Suburbs
212-244 Parnell Road,
Auckland 1052
Other Project Information
a) Drawings
Refer Attached Framing Plan and Elevations, precast stair details
b) Duration
The project is to be built over a 18 month period.
c) Liquidated Damages
$15,000 per calendar day
d) Structural Scheme
The proposed structure includes 3 blocks which are seismically separated. The blocks are
founded on two different levels, with 250mm insitu precast concrete retaining walls provided
where necessary.
i) Block 1 - Carpark Building (North of the Site along Denby Street)
The 3 level (BL to L1) carpark building to the North is 37.5m x 22.5m with a floor to
floor height of 3.6m and is founded on the lower level. Carparking is to provided on all
3 levels as well as the roof. The structure consists of 400mm hollowcore slabs with
75mm 25MPa concrete topping supported by structural steel beams and columns and
200mm thick precast concrete shear walls, founded on pile caps and steel h-piles.
In order to provide adequate carpark spaces between columns and car access the
columns have been set-out at 7.5m spacings with hollow-core spanning 11.25m
between the supporting beams.
Pedestrian access is provided by precast concrete stairs.
ii) Block 2 - Hotel and Commercial (South of the Site)
The block to the south is to be a 6 levels (LGF to L4) with a foot print of 30m x 30m
and is founded on the upper level of the site. The floor to floor height is 3.6m.
The 7 floors (including the Lower Roof) consist of 150mm thick hollowcore slabs with
75mm of 25MPa concrete topping supported by structural steel beams and columns
founded on pile caps and steel h-piles.
Lateral load resistance is provided by 200mm thick precast concrete shear walls. The
lift shaft consists of 250mm thick in-situ reinforced concrete.
Precast concrete stairs are provided to east of the block.
iii) Block 3 - Hotel Accommodation (North East of the Site)
The block to the north west is to be 13 Levels (BL to L10) with a footprint of 37.5 x
22.5m and is founded on the lower level.
The structural elements are similar to that provided for Block 2 above.
1.0) Site Establishment and Operation Plan (15 marks)
The project is in the preliminary design and concept phase, however the Client has requested a
Construction Report which will include the following:
a) Construction Methodology
b) Site Establishment and Logistics
c) Preliminary Programme
d) Cost Estimate including Preliminary and General
e) Risk Analysis
The Head Contractor Project Manager has requested that you do a formal report regarding b)
site establishment and logistics which will be included in the final Construction Report.
Your report should include information, diagrams and site plans which address site
establishment and logistics operations. The report should provide your reasoning as well as any
other comment you feel necessary for the team to consider.
Important Notes:
1. It is not necessary for you to consider work which has been completed by a previous
contractor which includes:
• demolition of the existing carpark and retaining wall,
• earthworks
• the foundations including piles, pile-caps and ground beams
• construction of new retaining walls
2. The Developer has approved your company the use of the entire site of 214 – 244 Parnell
Road however would like to retain the usage of the properties at 214, 216 and 244 Parnell
Road during construction. You should factor this into your planning and consider if and
how this can be accommodated.
2.0) Crane Analysis (10 marks)
Provide cranage alternatives with crane layout diagrams and elevations. You may utilise any
cranes from the Smith Crane and Construction website. In your report explain reasoning for
your choice of crane(s) and positioning including any advantages or shortcomings of your
proposal, or how the proposed preliminary design maybe impacted by the alternatives.
Further to the above you should consider providing information to the structural engineer
regarding the preferred size of precast elements depending on your cranage alternatives.
1. Cranage which you may consider should be selected from the Smith Cranage
Fleet documentation which is provided to you
Con Lu,, March 2021 4
2. You may also consider providing advice on the current structural scheme
taking account of lifting alternatives
3. You should provide enough diagrams and information to support your
analysis and recommendations.
3.0) Cladding Considerations (5 marks)
The carpark and multi-use building will require external cladding which is yet to specified.
Write some notes for consideration by the rest of your team on the different types of cladding
and importantly their installation and impact on site logistics.
4.0) Health and Safety Site Plan (5 marks)
Your company does have a Safety Policy, however your team will need to consider a Site Specific
Safety Plan taking into account the actual details of the site. To assist with the Site Specific
Safety Plan you are to provide a site plan with explanation showing necessary Health and Safety
5.0) Traffic Management Plan for Use of Public Corridor (5 marks)
It is desired to consider utilising Parnell Road as a loading bay for large loads. While the
company will engage a Traffic Management Specialist to make a formal application to Auckland
Transport to utilise the public corridor, your team would like you to prepare a draft Traffic
Management Plan which will include
• Short Form COPTTM (Code of Practice For Temporary Traffic Management Form)
• Traffic Management Diagram detailing the physical layout of temporary traffic
management equipment around the worksite. You may consider using an Auckland
Transport Generic Traffic Management Diagram.
Con Lu,, March 2021 5
• Auckland Council GeoMaps
• Google Maps
• Smith Crane and Construction
• Stahlton Flooring Precast Info
• Auckland Transport Traffic Management Plans
• NZTA Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management
Further Useful Information
• Construction Site Planning and Logistical Operations, Rapp and Benhard, Purdue
University Press
• Advanced Construction Technology, 4th Edition, Chudley and Greeno, 2006, Pearson
Education Ltd
• Construction Technology, 4th Edition, Chudley and Greeno, 2007, Pearson Education Ltd
• The Engineer’s Manual of Construction Site Planning, Construction, Sutt, Lill and
Muursepp, 2013, Wiley
• Guidelines for the Provision of Facilities and General Safety in the Construction Industry
to Meet the Requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and
Regulations 1995, OSH, Department of Labour

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