Recent Question/Assignment

Please submit your tentative project selections by the end of Week 3.
In this file, you will also see example project topics. A project topic can be selected by more than one student. However, each student is expected to generate an independent technical report. The technical report is expected to
1. summarise the state-of-the-art in the selected project topic,
2. discuss selected 2-3 papers in detail, and
3. identify an open problem and a potential solution approach.
The tentative timeline for writing the report is:
1. Pick a topic by the end of Week 3.
2. Paper search and collection in Weeks 4-5.
3. Paper reading and report writing from Week 6-12.
There are no strict guidelines on the technical report length. A good quality technical report usually contains approximately 15-20 pages and provides a summary of around 20 papers in the filed. I will also share a marking rubric for the technical report in Week 5.