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#Task 2 Shell Scripting and automated account management : (6 Marks)
1. One of the difficult tasks that Linux administrators face is to manage users or new employees. The difficulty can be to add deletion and change user attributes. In this task, your job is to write a shell script that performs the following tasks:
a. the script must accept first, last or middle names,
b. the script must be able to assign a new user to a group of student (if the group does not exist, the script must create user group),
c. based on the first name and last name, the script should generate a unique username with a length of 5 characters,
d. the script must check if the username does not exist before adding,
e. generate a complex password for the new user,
f. based on username scripts generate an email within the domain,
g. the scripts must be written in a Sentinel loop,
#Task 3: Shell scripting and Privilege escalation (3 Marks)
1. The Root user on Linux is equivalent to the Administrator user on Windows, and allowing users to have root privileges on Linux can be dangerous. Write a shell script to detect if the current user is a root user to minimize threats.
1. Write an appropriate message to the user in a paragraph long,
2. for the above point, you need to investigate potential root user threats,
3. Ask the user if he/she wants to continue working as a root user, if yes,
4. log user activity in /var/log/StudentID.txt directory with all user attributes and timestamp.

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