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Database Fundamentals
March 2020
Deadline: Session 12 Weightage: 25%
The purpose of the assignment is to assess students on the following Learning Outcomes:
LO1: Explain the theoretical approaches used in database development and the issues related to data management in an enterprise.
LO2: Explain the fundamentals of database languages, models and architecture.
LO3: Apply relational modelling concepts and principles to design a database.
LO4: Use normalisation levels and implement these for data storage.
LO5: Apply database knowledge and techniques to design and implement a database management system.
Details & Problems
In this assignment, you are required to answer the short questions, create the E-R diagram, normalize tables, develop SQL statements to demonstrate your ability to use Select, Update, Delete, Create, Alter, Drop statements and show your ability to create Views and Procedures.
Task 1 Entity Relationship Modeling
Scenario: Notown Records has decided to store information about musicians who perform on its albums (as well as other company data) in a database. The company has wisely chosen to hire your as a database designer (at your usual consulting fee of $2500/day).
• Each musician that records at Notown has an SSN, a name, an address, and a phone number.
Poorly paid musicians often share the same address, and no address has more than one phone.
• Each instrument used in songs recorded at Notown has a unique number, a name (e.g., guitar, synthesizer, flute) and a musical key (e.g., C, B-flat, E-flat)
• Each album recorded on the Notown label has a unique identification number, a title, a copyright date, a format (e.g., CD or MC), and an album identifier.
• Each song recorded at Notown has a title and an author.
• Each musician may play several instruments, and a given instrument may be played by several musicians.
• Each album has a number of songs on it, but no song may appear on more than one album.
• Each song is performed by one or more musicians, and a musician may perform a number of songs.
• Each album has exactly one musician who acts as its producer. A musician may produce several albums, of course.
Based on the above-mentioned scenario, answer the following questions:
i) Provide two good reasons for drawing an ER Diagram before building a database. Especially, how an E-R diagram would benefit the above scenario.
ii) Identify all the entities in the given scenarios and highlight the weak entities.
iii) Draw an E-R diagram.
Task 2 Normalization
Normalize the following table up to the third normalized form based on below details:
A dental clinic provides appointments to its patients. The following table provides a record of appointments for surgical procedures.
Id Dentist
Name Patient
No Patient
Name Appointment
Date Appointment
Time Surgery
No Surgery Name
D1011 Roger P100 Smith 02-10-2018 10:00 am S1 Pulpotomy
D1011 Roger P110 Robin 03-10-2018 11:00 am S2 Pulpectomy
D1025 Helen P105 Bell 05-10-2018 10:00 am S11 Apicoectomy
D1025 Helen P105 Bell 10-10-2018 10:00 am S11 Apicoectomy
D1035 Peter P110 Aaron 15-10-2018 10:00 am S2 Pulpectomy
Unnormalized table: Patient (DentistId, DentistName, PatientNo, PatientName,
AppointmentDate, AppointmentTime, SurgeryNo, SurgeryName)
Task 3 SQL Queries
Write SQL statements for following:
• Retrieve a list of Northwind’s Customers (names) who are in Melbourne city.
• List all the product names from Tokyo Traders where the product's unit price is greater than 100.
• List all those cities that have both Northwind’s Supplier and Customers.
You can download the Northwind database from the learning resources.
Submission Instruction
You should submit your assignment in word file. Please submit the assignment in the appropriate folder i.e. Assignment_Melbourne/Assignment_Sydney. You should provide output screenshots as required in the assignment.
Marking Guidelines:50
Task Description Marks
Modeling i. Benefits of E-R diagram 7
ii. List of Entities 7
iii. E-R diagram 12
Normalization i. ii. iii. First form Normalization
Second form Normalization
Third form Normalization 12
SQL Queries i. ii. iii. Northwind’s Customer list of Melbourne City.
Product names from Tokyo traders.
List of the cities 12

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 234 words including Diagrams and Codes

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