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Part B (40%)
The aim of this assessment is to provide you with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the application of Primary Health Care concepts and health promotion practice in particular reference to the health of Indigenous Australians
Learning outcomes, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are targeted in this assessment. A video concerning an Australian Indigenous community’s health project will be used as a trigger for students to respond to four (4) written questions about the Social determinants of Health, the Principles of Primary Health Care, Health promotion and Cultural competence. Instructions:
1. Watch the video ” It takes a village” commencing at 15 minutes to view the ” Healing circle at Gnibi” , a primary health care program carried out in a community in Western Australia - Gnibi project. Review the on-line learning materials under the Assessment tab on vUWS.
2. Write your answers to the four questions below. Responses must be in full, complete sentences. Your responses must not be in point form.
3. You do not need to re-write the question, but make sure you clearly identify which response is associated with which question. This is not an essay, therefore you do not need an introduction or conclusion.
1. Identify and discuss two (2) social determinants that significantly impacted on the community in the video.
Provide one (1) example from the video for each social determinant and include at least one scholarly reference for each social determinant
2. Identify and explain how two (2) primary health care principles guided the project in the video. Provide one (1) example from the video for each principle and include at least one (1) scholarly reference for each principle
3. Identify and discuss one strategy from the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion that relates to the project in the video. Provide at least one (1) example from the video and include at least one (1) scholarly reference
4. Define cultural competence and discuss why it is important in determining the success of the project. Provide at least one (1) example from the video where this concept is demonstrated and at least one (1) scholarly reference
Notes: - Make sure you include examples from the video where prompted in the marking criteria.
- Make sure you include relevant references when prompted from the marking criteria.
- It is expected you read widely and use a range of references from different sources within the last 5 years
- Use APA 6th referencing style for referencing.
- You should use a range of references to support your work
- Attach a reference list that includes the video and any other sources you have cited.
- Note that the assessment will be scored out of a possible 40 marks.
- Your submission to Turnitin should include ALL of the following:
1. response to the 4 questions
2. the reference list
Submission requirements All assignments must be submitted by the due date and time as specified in this document.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1720 words including References

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