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3. Assessment Details
3.1 Details of Each Assessment Item
The assessments for this subject are described below. The description includes the type of assessment, its purpose, weighting, due date and submission requirements, the topic of the assessment, details of the task and detailed marking criteria, including a marking rubric for essays, reports and presentations. Supplementary assessment information and assistance can be found in Moodle.
KOI expects students to submit their own original work in both assignments and exams, or the original work of their group in the case of group assignments.
Assessment 1
Assessment Type: Individual Assessment - Communication Diary 1.500 words
Purpose: This assessment builds your oral and written communication skills and gives you real life understanding of the challenges and rewards of effective communication. This relates to learning outcome a. b.
Value: 25% Due Date: Friday Week 4 by 5 pm
Submission: Soft copy uploaded to Moodle and Tumitin - Word doc or .docx.
Topic: Communication Diary
Task details: At work, and personally, we are bombarded with business related messages on a daily basis. These messages come from a range of people/companies and may be through any number of formats including radio, television, email, telephone/mobile, computer, face to face meetings or even hand-written notes. They may be communicated to everyone, everyone at work, people in your team or just to you. Some of these messages are memorable (for the right/wrong reasons) and others are not.
For this assignment you are required to keep a diary for four different types of work/personal and/or study related communications you received.
1. Submit a record of the communications you received in a word table, using the below headings as a guide:
(a) Date
(b) Mode (e.g. radio, phone, email, tv)
(c) Type (e.g. advertisement, payment request and donor collection)
(d) Style (e.g. humorous, friendly, apologetic)
(e) Effective (i.e. yes/no)
(f) Why/why not effective (free text)
2. Choose two of these communications that you feel were well constructed or were able to get the message across and analyse why this was the case.
3. Choose two of these communications that you feel were poorly constructed or did not get the message across and analyse why this was the case.
4. Using your knowledge of theory taught in class, suggest methods that could improve the poorly constructed communications.
While writing the assignment consider factors such as:
o Communication process o Nonverbal communication o Interpersonal components o Intercultural components o Choice of media
o Timeliness
o Who. why. when and how it was communicated and the audience it was communicated to
Assignment Format:
Assignment Format: A title page - Individual KOI cover sheet, signed. No Abstract or Executive Summary is required. A table of contents page is required. This report should have a heading and two or more sub headings for each topic. The written text should be right and left justified and double spaced throughout. Please use a single column format.
A minimum of seven scholarly references in the Harvard Anglia style are required in order to pass this assessment. However, for a high mark, you will need to use many more scholarly references. Only one Internet (www) resources will be allowed. It is very important that you assess the internet resource used for credibility.
Single spaced, font Times New Roman 12pt. Calibri 11 pt or Arial 10pt. You are encouraged to use headings and sub-headings along with the use of a table in this assignment.
Assignment Alarm: You can check the assessment's similarity by submitting it to Turnitin prior to the due date. However, you cannot make a resubmission after the due date, don't make a mistake in submitting the wrong file. Ensure you do this assignment yourself. We are obliged to mark what is submitted at the due date and time.
Please refer to the marking rubric for details about each marking criterion.
Marking Guide: Refer to the marking rubric below.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1615 words including References

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