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Cultural Safety Essay
The vision of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Plan 2013-2023 reads:
-The Australian health system is free of racism and inequality and all
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have access to health
services that are effective, high quality, appropriate and affordable-
(Australian Government, 2013, p. 7).
Racism is a significant inhibitor to 'closing the gap' in health outcomes
between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other
Australians (Marrie, 2017). For health professionals to be effective
agents in realising the national vision, we are required to be culturally
safe practitioners, who are literate in the dynamics of racialisation and
racism and importantly their impacts on the well-being of people we care
for. Cultural safety must be realised at both the individual practice level
and at the institutional level. Health professionals must also be
knowledgeable of the historical and political factors that created and
continue to maintain poor health outcomes experienced by Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
In this assessment you will be required to discuss the application of
culturally safety to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples'
health and well-being context. You are also required to utilise the 5Rs
Reflection Framework to reflect on your learning experience throughout
the initial weeks of NSB202.
Australian Government. (2013). National Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander Health Plan 2013-2023. Retrieved from IApDxg.
Marrie. A. (2017). Addressing institutional barriers to health equity for
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Queensland's public data/assets/word doc/0017/16550/Health-

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2230 words including References

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