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Assessment One: Project Charter 15%, 1,500 Words
Due 23.00 AEST, Sunday 12th April 2020
You are required to explain the theory behind a Project Charter, and to develop a Project Charter based on the scenario below. The Charter must include all the elements in Sections 3-4 to 3-5, pages 65-79 of the textbook. You must draw heavily on the theory contained in the textbook and the PMBoK. You are expected to include all the relevant Charter sections shown in the textbook, and model your tables on the relevant textbook exh ibits.
There are two parts to your Charter:
The first section will discuss the theory behind each element of the Charter. using appropriately cited paraph rasing, you are expected to draw on the textbook description for each section. Please note that because there is such an emphasis on the textbook, all in-text citations MUST include the page numbers.
The second section of the assessment is your actual project cha rter. The charter MUST be assembled based on the example charter shown in pages 94-96 of the textbook.

Office move
You are the gr anch Manager for an insurance company in a suburban location. The lease on your company's offices has expired and the landlord has indicated that it will not be renewed. You have two months to vacate the premises. Vou have identified a possible new location in a nearby suburb and the CEO has asked you to prepare a project proposal. She has indicated that you are expected to project manage the move, and that your budget for the move is no more than $100,000. You want to accomplish the move with the minimum disruption to staff and customers, in as shortas time as possible, and under budget.
The following staffing will be allocated:
CEO — sponsor
Project team:
Branch Manager who will act as Project Manager o The manager of Com munications and Information Technology (CIT) o The administration manager
As Project Manager, it is your responsibility to manage the project with the least disruption to existing staff, within budget, and within a four day window. Your company has a group of labourers who are available to assist in the project, and the CIT department will provide the Subject Matter Experts for the computer and telephone move.
The project team has agr eed that the move will occur in 6 weeks time, with packing up undertaken on a Friday afternoon, removal and relocation on Saturday and Sunday, and staff to complete set up on Monday morning when they return to work in the new premises. The aim is to have as little downtime as possible. The communications and information technology team will work all weekend to ensure all equipment is operational before Monday morning.

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