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Assignment 1
Due: Thursday 5 December 2019
Length: 2,500 words
Weighting 25%
For this assignment you will have to prepare a paper that critically discusses how organisations apply the strategic use of IS/IT to achieve 1S/rr-enabled innovation. Some aspects and issues you may discuss in your paper could include (but are nd limited to):
• Discuss at least 4 examples of the use of 1S/IT for innovation.
• Highlight some success factors or some lessons learned (i.c., what went wrong?) for your examples.
• Discuss the impacts of intemal factors (e.g.. organizational, individual, and management factors) and external factors (e.g.. market, industry, social, economic, technological and political/policy factors) on the success (or the failure) of IS/1T enabled innovation.
Msessment I 9
• Suggest recommendations and guidelines for helping organizations succeed in their elions to embark on using Isar for innovation with good explanation and discussion.
You should apply relevant knowledge discussed in your unit. You should prepare for this assignment by reviewing the literature (i.e. by using ProQuest 5000 and Science Direct databases at lutp:// and searching the World Wide Web (i.e. via (oogle). You should show evidence that you have read at least 10 references. which must be published after January 2013. in the literature (including references from academic and professional publications) to prepare t. assignment. A variety of references are expected including hooks, refereed journal, case studies, newspapers, magazines and electronic references.
Format for Assignment 1
You wffl be marked on communication as well as content. This is done to emphasise the importance of aiming for effective communication as well as good content - not only here in a university assignment, but aho in your day-to-day work. Aft cr all. if you do not communicate and present your ideas well, it is much harder to have your ideas accepted by busy colleagues or executives.
Your assignmcnt should contain:
Title page
Table of contents
Main body of report with suitable headings and subheadings
Reference list
• Appendices (if relevant).
References: Harvard Referencing Style is required in this subject. Please visit SCU Library
webs. for information (URL: You can also contact SCU librarians for assistance.
Marking critcria for Assignment 1
-lhe fitilowing specific marking criteria will be used for marking Assignment 1:
Category Specific criteria
MC I: Content - clear Critically discuss at kast examples of orginisoional
undcnunding of (20 NI.r1“) attmpts u Adak, isirr enabkd innovation.
Critically discuss the success factors and lessons learned
Critically discuss the Impacts of internal mil extermd 5
factors on the sthcess (or the (allure) of IS/I enabled
10 I MN003/18 Managing Infornotion Systems (Session 3,1019)
Category m=-
Suggrst recommend...thou, guidelin. hrlping
innovatwn good c.plan.tion
MC 3: the of multiple sources of Good research effort evidenced by at least 10 rekrences
information and Rekrencing (3 from a variey of sources; Good integration of references
/i1arks) into your discussim: Proper practice of in-tem citation
and provision of all the cited references in the reference list via applying I Larvard Referencing Style
MC 4: t.mmunication aid Use of study materials; the of proper terminology; Good
Presentation 12 !Auks, structure of the report; Professionally formatted and presented; Being able 0 clearly express id.,;(:)..rity of communkation vOth good Bow. reasoning and argument: Concise but not over simplifpng Spelling and grammar lute of spell. (leder)
MIA 25

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2484 words including References

Title: Information Technology function of Companies

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