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48353 – Concrete Design, Autumn 2024
Design Group Project
Figure 1 represents the floor plan of ...................... building to be constructed in the CBD of ……………..! The building is to be four stories in height with the first level being used as a carpark as shown in Figure 2.
Please note that a, b, c, and h will be supplied separately for each group.
(i) Beam Design (first determine the corresponding loading using tributary area). You may assume, at this stage, 300mm x 300mm square columns and a 250 mm deep slab.
(ii) Column Design
(iii) Floor Slab Design
(iv) Design of Pad footing
(v) Detail all reinforcement and prestressing in the slab and beam.
Use f’c = 40 MPa - unless your group decides there is a valid reason for doing otherwise.
State any other assumptions required and show all relevant working clearly.
Consider only the durability requirement when determining cover (i.e., not the fire requirement).
All design is to be in accordance with AS3600 – 2018 Concrete Structures.
All loads are to be determined using AS1170.1. Dead and Live Loads.
11.59 pm Friday 31th May 2024
This assessment will contribute 30% of the overall mark on the subject.
Figure 2 Elevation of Building Frame