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University of Technology Sydney 48353: CONCRETE DESIGN Autumn 2024 - Assignment 2 (13 Marks)
The figure illustrates the cross-section of a reinforced concrete column with a hexagonal shape (equal sides), primarily for architectural purposes, and is reinforced with 4N32 and 4N24 steel bars. The material properties are specified as f’c = 40 MPa for concrete compressive strength and fsy = 500 MPa for the yield strength of steel reinforcement. This column section experiences combined axial compression and bending about a horizontal axis (x-x axis).
(a) Calculate the pure axial compression capacity of the section, Nuo. (1 mark)
(b) Determine the depth of the plastic centroid, dpc, for the section about a horizontal axis.
(2 marks)
(c) Determine ?Nu and ?Mu at the balanced condition. (5 marks)
(d) Calculate design bending capacity ?Mu at the pure bending condition. (5 marks)