Recent Question/Assignment

Part Two: Presentation for Teachers Meeting.
Prepare an annotated presentation to share at a staff meeting, explaining learning through play in ECE and how teachers can support this in a meaningful and engaging manner. Make links to Te Whariki and two theoretical perspectives of play discussed in this course.
LO1, LO2
(750 words)
Part Three: Newsletter for Kaiako
Write an annotated newsletter for your teaching team informed by a range of relevant early childhood theories, perspectives and reference sources.
Base your information on three teaching practices for supporting social and emotional competence from He Mapuna te Tamaiti: Supporting Social and Emotional Competence in Early Learning (MoE, 2019, pp. 107-110).
Explain how each of the teaching practices can be effectively implemented with children in an early childhood setting and why they are beneficial to children’s social and emotional competence.
Consider what teachers will need to be sensitive to when applying each practice
Conclude with three key ‘takeaway’ messages about the importance of Social and Emotional Competence contributing to children’s wellbeing and holistic development and learning in ECE
(750 words)
Part Four: Short answer
Discuss two key characteristics of Kaupapa Maori approach to infant and toddler care and its application in practice.
(500 words)
Course required readings must be used as well as additional literature to inform your assessment. Reference list must be attached