Recent Question/Assignment

• Demonstrate working within the limits of your knowledge and skills
• Demonstrate referral of individuals issues as appropriate to another member of team
• Demonstrate how to communicate effectively with users of pharmacy service e.g own pharmacy and wider healthcare team.
• Demonstrate working effectively as a member of the pharmacy/wider healthcare team.
Working effectively: use of effective communication and listening techniques, refer issues and seek help and guidance from other members of the team when unsure or outside scope of role, behave in a professional manner towards other members of the team, recognise roles and responsibilities of the pharmacy and wider healthcare team and work within limitations of own role, accountability of own role, follow standards and codes of conduct, raise concerns or if things go wrong, reliability and consistency in own role
• Demonstrate trust and respect for individuals members of the pharmacy team and health professional. E.g show empathy, value those you work with, regards diversity and confidentially,build trust,act with integrity and be reliable.
Trust and respect: show empathy and value those you work with, recognise individuals' values and beliefs, give regard to diversity and confidentiality of individuals and members of the pharmacy and healthcare team to build trust, nature of professional respect, value contributions an responsibilities of others you work with, treat others fairly and equally, recognise expertise of and help from others, build trust with individuals and other team members by being reliable and consistent, act with integrity and fair conduct