Recent Question/Assignment

Write a 600-800 word report that responds to the questions provided below. You can either handwrite your report or you can type it in Microsoft Word and print it out.
A list of references must be provided to support the responses in your report.
Suggested topics include
§ Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders
§ Homelessness
§ Disability rights
§ Females and domestic violence
Once you have selected a topic, write your report using the questions below. You must adhere to the word limit of the report.
1.What are the social institutions for this group? What have been the impacts of these institutions on this group?
2. What is their experience of social and cultural impacts within society?
3. Describe how their values, behaviors or preferences might impact the following:
§ Community
§ Self
§ Family.
4.Describe the experience of inequality for that group
5.What types of social stigma, stereotypes or cultural generalizations have been formed about this group?
6.Describe the relationship of this group with the following issues.
§ Unemployment:
§ Health and wellbeing
§ Access to services
§ Access to education
7.What are the needs and priorities of this group?
8.Provide three examples of support services available for this group. For each service, explain what they do.
9.What role can the community play in protecting the rights and needs of this group?