Recent Question/Assignment

This is a PowerPoint presentation. But just do it on word doc. There is no word count for this presentation. But it should be for 20 minutes long. As I need to narrate this presentation for 20 minutes, so write the content accordingly which covers 20 minutes.
Students will present on a key ethical dilemma they have experienced in practice, and this must be a patient clinical scenario use appropriate resolutions using the NMBA standards.?
Please don’t just copy any clinical dilemma directly from websites, otherwise I’ll get plagiarism.
Students need to draw upon knowledge gained through workshops, clinical labs, simulations, and your own self-directed learning through your pre/post learning resources during the initial three (3) weeks of the unit as well clinical experience.
• Introduce your scenario.
• Identify the ethical dilemma you were faced with and explain why this is an ethical dilemma.
• What challenged you throughout this dilemma?
• What was the resolution or outcome of this dilemma?
• Was this the best outcome? If not, what would have been a better outcome?
• Could there have been someone assist you, or did you have someone assist in resolving this dilemma?
• Were there any guidelines or policies/procedures that may have helped or that you utilised?
Also add some photos with only in text reference, and if you find any relevant video you can add a short clip which should be less than for 2 minutes within text reference.
References (10-12 references needed) APA 7the edition.
Link to the Nursing Standards, Code of Conduct, Patient Safety Framework, ICN Code of Ethics, NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (2016) and other high level quality contemporary references.