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HOSP601 Applied Hospitality Management
LENGTH: 4000 WORDS (+/- 10%)
This assessment is designed to help you achieve the following Unit Learning Outcomes:
• ULO1: Interpret and apply concepts, principles, models, and frameworks from previous courses to the simulation situation in people management, leadership, marketing, service excellence, finance, operations and strategic management.
• ULO2: Critically examine situations and make group decisions from a senior management perspective, operating in uncertain environments, often on the basis of imperfect information.
• ULO3: Demonstrate analytical skills applicable to a wide variety of strategic international management problems and issues.
The marking rubric is accessible through the relevant assessment on Engage.
Strategic Business Plan Report
You are required to write a strategic business plan for a hypothetical hotel. You should present the concept statement and will be required to make a decision on which concept to proceed with.
The strategic Business Plan should include the following sections (or similar):
Cover Page (with conceptual image)
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Introduction, which should include your team strategies/process and how you delegated the work
Strategic Plan, including mission and vision, business model and value proposition
External Analysis, including a macro analysis and an industry analysis
Marketing Plan, including target markets and integrated marketing communications plan
Operations Plan, including an overview of all departments with a schedule of income against each outlet Human Resources Plan
Financial Plan, including the three key reports: Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet
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HOSP601 Applied Hospitality Management
Reference List
Ensure your document is edited so that your information is seamlessly linked and you word count is not over 4000 words (this includes your Executive Summary and Conclusion).
Your final strategic business plan report must be submitted in electronic format, i.e. one MS Word document.
Teamwork may be adjusted to suit individual assessments based on the discretion of the lecturer.
• Your assessment must be written as an academic paper, in the third person and contain an Introduction, a Body, a Conclusion, and a Reference list.
• You must use a variation of the Harvard referencing style, e.g., as per LCBA’s Harvard Referencing Guide or the Harvard Anglia 2008 MS Word’s built-in Citation & Bibliography tool. All references must be formatted consistently in accordance with the chosen style.
• You must adhere to the following formatting conventions (as applicable): o Document structure: Each of the following (if applicable) should start on a separate page:
? cover page (automatically generated within Turnitin)
? main text
? references
? appendices, labeled (A, B, C, … or 1, 2, 3, …) – excluded from word count limit.
o Document layout
? A4 paper size
? normal margins
? page numbers in bottom-left of each page, except for the title page
? page numbering of the form: Page X of X o Headings
? Calibri font
? 14-point font size
? either minimal or maximal capitalisation o Body:
? Left alignment
? Calibri font
? 12-point font size
? 1.5 line spacing
? in-text quotes less than 40 words in inverted commas followed by reference
? quotes of more than 40 words as indented quotes, without inverted commas, in 11point font size, followed by reference
? double spaces between paragraphs
• You must submit your assignment to Turnitin, via LCBA Engage
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