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Plagiarism is ‘a practice that involves the using of another person’s intellectual output and presenting it as one’s own’. This includes the presentation of work that has been copied, in whole or part, from other sources (including other students’ work, published books or periodicals, or unpublished works or unauthorized collaboration with other persons), without due acknowledgement. CONSEQUENCES OF PLAGIARISM AND COLLUSION
A student found guilty of plagiarism will be subject to one or all of the following:
Referral to Course Coordinator for: counseling; submission of further work; use of the services of Student Learning Unit; the placing of a record of the alleged infringement on the student’s file.
Referral of the matter to the Director of Teaching and Learning for: issuing of written warning; re- submission of work for assessment or the undertaking of another form of assessment such as an oral or unseen examination; allocation of a fail grade to part or all of the assessment; allocation a fail grade to the unit.
Referral of the matter to the Dean for: suspension from the course; official disciplinary action by the University Disciplinary Committee.
Students are required to submit their assignment to the relevant academic staff member. This may be done in class or via the staff member’s pigeon hole, mailbox or locker. Students should ensure they are aware of the location by checking with the lecturer / tutor before the due date.
Your work should be collected from the lecturer / tutor in class or from their office during their student consultation time. If work is not returned in class or prior to end of semester, please contact the unit coordinator.
Please make the necessary arrangements for collection. Staff in the College office and Student Services are NOT responsible for returning work to students.
A copy of this Assignment Cover Sheet is available from Student Forms:
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HNB3005: Assessment 1 Template Portfolio For this assessment you are required to:
Provide an outline of the evidence required for your PEP portfolio with rationale which will prepare students for undertaking continuing professional development (CPD) and a professional portfolio as a RN
Identify how this will be incorporated into their practice
Evidence of Learning should include but is not limited to:
Required (This is mandatory learning and the certificate for this MUST be uploaded in Assessment 3b and needs to be discussed in this assessment): Patient Safety Modules (4 in total) - Suggested:
Bloodsafe -
NPS Medicinewise -
Hand hygiene -
Any additional relevant learning that you may have completed whilst on HNB3005 placement. Please note that the evidence of this learning is required for Assessment 3b, this assessment is your template only. A minimum of four, however not limited to, learning opportunities need to be outlined.
Date Source Identified learning needs Type of activity Description of topic covered in activity, in your
own words Rationale of activity and how it will be incorporated into your practice