Recent Question/Assignment

Due Date: 12th October, 11:55pm
Word limit: 2000 words
Weighting: 40% (40 marks)
• PART-A Evaluation and Analysis (2000 words)
Prepare an evaluation and analysis of a sporting related carnival, tournament or event you have volunteered at (not more than six months ago & not as a participant). You should utilise a minimum of 6 academic references (Not web sites, newspaper articles or magazines, they can be used for illustrations but they are in addition to your main references).
In the evaluative report you need to outline your involvement in the carnival, tournament or event for which you volunteered to assist. There should be at least three strengths and recommendations included in the evaluation.
The evaluation and analysis you undertake should consider the following (not a conclusive list):
• Briefly identify the purpose/s of the carnival/event and include your involvement within the event. For example:
o representative trials
o championship competition
o whole school community participation
o district sports
o come-and-try event
o gym open day
o sports day etc.
• Was the carnival, tournament or event well-organised and did it run smoothly and on time? Provide an analysis of at least three strengths of the event. How was this achieved?
• The staff, officials and volunteers – were the staff, officials and/or volunteers clearly aware of their duties and how and when to perform them? How was this achieved? What was the lead up briefing to the relevant parties? Was a risk briefing conducted on the morning of the event for all parties?
• The participants – Were the participants enthusiastic and motivated to be involved? How was this achieved?
• The schedule – Did the event run smoothly through the day? Was the time schedule adhered to?
• The organisation and preparation – Were the equipment prepared prior to the event? Were the participants and non-participants positioned in an appropriate area? Was the risk assessment done prior to the event?
• Propose at least three recommendations for improving, changing or modifying the carnival, tournament or event. Justify (with academic references) your statements.
In fulfilling these tasks, make sure that you provide justifications with academic references for these judgments. Use the information included in course content and readings supported by academic literature and practical examples to compile your response.
Note: Do minimise the use of first person in your report.
Also, ensure that you submit your participation authentication (which determines a pass/fail of the assignment) with this assignment.
Requirements of this assessment task will include:
• Prepare and present your assessment task in an appropriate format;
• Use credible academic sources of information to substantiate and justify your claims; and
• Incorporate scholarly material suggesting engagement with course resources (for this assignment you will need a minimum 6 academic references).
Word Limit: The usual practice of accepting assignments that are 10% over or under the stated word limit, will apply. Correct research analysis presentation: genre requirements and research analysis conventions (e.g., font size etc.) in the research analysis format (typed).
Submission Details: Assignment needs to be submitted in Word file format – no PDF files can be submitted. When you submit you are expected to ensure that the file has been correctly uploaded and that there is an electronic copy of the assignment available if necessary. Save in the following format:
? lastname_firstname_EDH3256_AST3 – for example: Chong_Melisa_EDH3256_AST3
Academic Literacy: It is imperative that you conduct a spelling, punctuation and grammar check prior to submission. The assessment will not be assessed unless it meets minimum standards of academic literacy, including referencing. Avoid use of colloquial language and be professional and objective in your writing. It is normal academic practice to write in third person unless instructed otherwise. Always support your ideas and arguments with sound researched information. If you need support with literacy skills and academic writing you can access information and help through the Study support link.
Referencing system - American Psychological Association (APA Style): APA style is the only referencing style that will be accepted. Below is the link to the USQ Library site that will help you become familiar with the APA style:
Research Sources: There must be clear evidence of the use of credible academic research sources to guide your planning and your response to the assessment task. You need to acknowledge all sources of information that are not your own using the APA referencing style to do so.
References: A reference list of the academic books, journal articles and book chapters used will be presented. Use of the Endnote program to compile the reference list is highly recommended. World Wide Web home pages and the electronic and print media alone are not adequate as source material. The reference list should contain at least 6 academic sources that are integrated within the text. Your first point of reference can be the essential and further readings in the course. Access to journal articles etc. should be available through the library websites. (General search engine websites are a complement to, not a substitute for, academic sources).
Any Appendices are attached after the reference list. In the Appendices you could include statement/evidence of engagement with the course lectures and resources as well as forums and additional research (including interviews) if you wish. No working notes or drafts of work are necessary.
As a check and for practice it is recommended that you self-assess your work on a copy of the criteria sheet attached to the research analysis. You may provide written feedback or other comments on this sheet.
Draft work. No drafts of work will be able to be submitted for correction and feedback. General comments and clarification are available and exchange of ideas through forums is encouraged but you will own the final work. Your attention is drawn to the UniSQ Plagiarism policy: By submitting work you are indicating that the work has not been produced by plagiarism or collusion. There are severe academic penalties and sometimes career threatening results of dishonest actions.
For your convenience, an Assignment Task 3 Turnitin Similarity Report Self-check submission folder has been created for you to upload your draft paper on the StudyDesk. Please be aware that this submission folder is unattended and is for your use only to perform this Turnitin Similarity Self-check Report and to potentially increase your author-voice if the similarity report exceeds anything above 20%.
Assignment extension policy: Any application for extension to the due dates must be made in advance and approved by the faculty (available on StudyDesk). Read more about UniSQ assessment policy here: .
Research Analysis Presentation – Technical guidelines/suggestions
1. Type in a legible font at least 11-12 point in size. Times New Roman or Arial is strongly recommended. Do not change font size or type in the text or for quotes.
2. Have a margin of at least 2 cm all the way round.
3. Use a 1.5 or double-spaced margin with the exception of extended quotes, which are single-spaces and indented.
4. Use headings and subheadings to structure your assignment and make it easy for the reader to follow the development of the argument/thesis.
5. Spell-check your work using an Australian dictionary, rather than an American dictionary (e.g., ‘organise’ as opposed to ‘organize’).
6. Check grammar
7. Be within the word limit (10% variation allowed – not exceeding 2200 or below 1800 words).
8. Write in third person except where relevant personal insights, experiences or viewpoints are included (be careful not to overdo this as supported evidence is often required in a well-structured research analysis).