Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment tasks must be ‘word processed’ and not handwritten, and submitted as a word document (not a .pdf file).
Include a title page (no colour or pictures) that includes the subject name and code, title of the assessment task, due date, lecturer’s name, your name, your student number and word count (excluding reference page and appendix);
Leave 2 cm margins and double line space your work;
Use 12 point font, unless otherwise indicated;
Number all pages;
Insert your student name and number in header or footer of every page of every page of your assignment;
An introduction and a conclusion are required for Assessment 3; Please include how the elements of the CRAP test (Currency, Reliability, Authority and Purpose) have been applied to your peer-reviewed journal articles. Include this information in an Appendix at the end of your assessment;
Write in third person. Assistance with this can be found at this link: cademic-writing/lst-vs-3rd-perso n.php
Describe the factors that have contributed to the professional status of nursing today.
Prescribed article:
van der Cingel, M., & Brouwer, J. (2021). What makes a nurse today? A debate on the nursing professional identity and its need for change. Nursing Philosophy, 22(2), 1-7. https://doi.Org/10.llll/nup.l 2343
For this assessment, you are to address the following two sections:
• Review the prescribed peer-reviewed journal article (link located in the Assessment 3 Resources box below) and describe two factors that have contributed to the professional status of nursing today.
• Utilising the CRAP test, locate two additional peer-reviewed journal articles that support the two factors you identified in the previous section and include these as part of your discussion (one article for each factor). These peer-reviewed journal articles should not be opinion pieces or editorials and must be published after January 2016.