Recent Question/Assignment

Portfolio item 1- Macro Policy and Strategy Plan 1000 words
To demonstrate your ability to identify and address systemic issues and macro policy. (Aged Care Policy)
1. Choose one aspect of macro policy that affects the work your agency does
2. Identify one or more relevant policies or issues.
3. Explain how aspects of these policies or issues affect the service provided by the agency.
4. When you refer to a policy or issue you will need to reference it but there is not a minimum
number of required references.
5. Draw a conclusion to your discussion.
Portfolio item 2 - Advanced ethical analysis 1000 words
The purpose of this item is to demonstrate your capacity for applying social work ethics to a real situation on placement.
NOTE – This portfolio item can be used to submit for the AASW Prize.
1. Identify an issue, situation, etc. and explain how it is an ethical issue
For example, a practice based ethical issue where you must make a decision.
I’m doing Life Stories collection Project with older people in Aged Care facility and my supervisor allocated me to interview two older people and both of them were busy not ready in the first place so the supervisor appointed another three older people instead and I went ahead with interview but the first two elderly people call back saying that they are ready to tell their life stories and the placement’s policy allowed only three clients per a student. Should I advise the first two clients to stop calling me or not? It is ethical issue.
2. Clearly explain and analyse the ethical issues involved with specific reference to the Code
of Ethics. This is the focus of the paper.
3. No references other than the AASW Code of Ethics 2020 are needed. However, you will
need to be specific and refer to specific clauses.