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Variations in Health IV
Variations in Health IV
Purpose: To recognize and understand the effects of culture on pain perception, responses and management.
In Preparation
Choose an ethnic group to researc
Read the articles provided to you by your instructor.
Use this as a starting point for your discussion.
Scholarly Paper
Describe the different natures of pain (physical, emotional, etc.)
2. Describe the relationship between ethnic background and pain.
3. Discuss ethnic differences in pain perception and pain responses
4. Explain how a nurse’s own culture, personal bias, values and beliefs may alter the interpretation of patients’ pain experience .
5. What might some variations be in assessment of pain when caring for the ethnic group you chose? What are the verbal cues? What are the non-verbal cues?
6. Which pain assessment tool would you use? Why?
7. What might some variations of nursing interventions be in management of pain when caring for the ethnic group you chose? Pharmaceutical: Traditional? Alternative? Interprofessional?
Marking Criteria
1. Introduction
2. Discussed points 1 - 7 above
3. Strength of arguments
4. Minimumjof 4 references (including those provided)
5. Spelling and Grammar 1
6. APA format
15% 40% 20% 5% 10% 10%
Total Marks