Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 2: Practical Report (30%)
Due Date: Friday of Week 8 Word Count: 1400-1600 words
YOU are playing the role of a community service worker supporting a young adult son who is 18 years old who is seeking an order to protect himself from family violence perpetrated by his step-father at home where the son lives with his mother and step-father. You are required to investigate your local court and relevant support services and submit a written Support Plan for your client (i.e., the 18 year old son).
Based on your individual research, your written Support Plan must include the following:
The location and role of the local court in the context of seeking a family violence protection order;
A summary of the legal process as it relates to protecting the adult son from family violence by order of the court;
An overview of the local support services available in connection with the court and external to the court that would assist your client;
An explanation of how you (as the community service worker) would prepare if you received a subpoena to both submit your file notes, and attend court as a witness in this case;
Identify and discuss two ethical issues that could arise for you in your role as a community^ professional assisting the adult son in this matter. Include a description of how you would respond to the ethical issues that you have identified.