Recent Question/Assignment

Scenario is given in the below links, please watch both the videos and then answer the question. It’s a group assignment so I’m just doing the one answer. Please answer the question after watching both the videos
As a group we will watch the video case study about a 28 year old motorbike rider who has sustained an open compound fracture to his right lower leg sustaining heavy blood loss. He is transported by ambulance to the emergency department of a hospital. The effectiveness of the communication between the paramedics and emergency staff affect a potentially life threatening outcome for the patient.
QUESTION (it’s just one questions divided in 3 parts)
Non-Technical Skills
• What Non-technical skills can you identify in the case scenario? (100 words)
• How were poor non-technical skills responsible for the outcome? (200 words)
• What could each team member do differently to improve the teamwork and leadership in this situation? (200 words)
Do not use first person, such as we, or I, but it should be written in third person.
(write answer in 500words) + (100 words for introduction)
MUST use 4 references for this answer Use of high-quality relevant literature to support ideas APA 7th edition