Recent Question/Assignment

107 Assessment task 3: Oral presentation - 30% - Week 12
Prepare and record a 5-10 minute oral presentation to:
• justify a selection of inquiry-based learning
• teaching strategies in STEM for children in the early years (0-5 years).
You are required to:
• Based on practical experience, create a video resource about play based learning and Intentional teaching strategies in STEM to support young children (0-5 years) learning and development, complying with EYLF.
• Use supportive citations for important points and include APA style reference list at the end of the Presentation slides.
• Please create PowerPoint slides (10-15 pages in total), including references.
• Explain what is STEM and identify its purpose in EC education (2-3 pages)
• Discuss inquiry based learning and intentional teaching strategies in STEM for young children from zero to five years.
• reflect children learning from STEM Content knowledge and skills developed and intentional teaching throughout the activities and link it to EYLF.
• Ensure that you are visible in the video as this include aspects of the grading.