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Assignment 2B: 5E learning plan folio
Word limit: 1500 words (+/- 10%)
You will prepare your assignment as a Word document, which must include:
• one learning plan using the template provided, including:
1. at least one content descriptor for the Science Understanding strand you have selected
2. at least one content descriptor from the Science as a Human Endeavor Skills strand
3. at least one content descriptor from the Science Inquiry Skills Strand
4. an introduction/rationale explaining the scientific skills and concepts that will be covered within your plan, with reference to the content descriptions and other curriculum documents (e.g. Structure, Rationale and Aims). Explain how STEM will feature in your learning plan. (250 words)
5. a Learning plan of five activities/experiences designed around the 5E learning Model. Remember to identify any resources used (100 words per stage)
6. a justification of choices made in your activity/ experience (150 words per stage).
• a reference list in which you cite all sources of information you used for all components according to APA 7th edition referencing conventions. Your reference list must start on a new page. Do not use bullet or numbered points in your reference list; ensure it is ordered alphabetically.
Supporting resources
Understanding this learning area: ScienceLinks to an external site. (ACARA, 2022, v.9) — explore these supporting resources from the Australian Curriculum website relating to the structure of Science in the Australian Curriculum. This will give you an idea of what the three strands encompass and how they relate
References : 8