Recent Question/Assignment

Institution: University of South Africa
Department: Department of Health Studies
Programme: Post graduate Diploma in Public Health
Diseases Epidemiology of Communicable and Non-Communicable
Module code: PPH4813
Primary Lecturer: Dr H Matakanye
Secondary Lecturer: Prof TG Lumadi
There are two compulsory assignments for this module. Each assignment contributes
50% towards the year mark. The year mark contributes 40% towards the final mark.
Guidelines for completing the two assignments
• Read the question carefully and ensure that you understand the information required for the assignment.
• Obtain relevant information on the specific topic. Use current sources, including the recommended reading material listed on this tutorial letter, information from the WHO websites, government documents, and relevant articles.
• Engage on the discussion forums with other students focussing on relevant information needed for the assignment. Kindly note that these are individual assignments and each student should submit their own.
• Each sub question should have at least 6 or more sources cited on text. All references in your text should be included on the list of sources and written according to guidelines provided in Tutorial Letter HHSALLA/301/0/2023.
• The assignment should be typed (12 font size, 1.5-line spacing) and should include the title page, table of contents, introduction, conclusion, and the list of sources. The assignments should not be more than 12 pages. Prepare the
layout of the assignment according to guidelines provided in the HHSALLA/301/0/2023.
Assessment criteria for assignment 01
Criteria Marks allocated
Technical presentation 10%
Title page is provided and gives a clear indication of the topic. Table of contents is accurate and complete. 1
Introduction with Headings and subheadings form a logical and coherent outline 1
Assignment is presented in a typed and edited format-1.5 spacing and not more than 12 pages. 1
Content properly cited or referenced. For each question, referencing of not less than 3 sources should be included. List of sources are written as indicated on Tutorial Letter HHSALLA/301/02023. 6
Conclusion 1
Content 90%
1.1 Describe and apply the Epidemiological triad to Tuberculosis. 30%
1.2 Describe and apply the steps of public health surveillance to Diabetes Mellitus. 20%
1.3 Apply the 13 steps of an outbreak investigation and apply information to COVID-19 40%
TOTAL 100%