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M08 - Part 2: Case Project 15-7 - North Ridge Security Presentation
Due Sunday by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting a website url, a media recording, or a file upload
From Case Project 15-7: North Ridge Security:
-North Ridge Security provides security consulting and assurance services. You have recently been hired as an intern to assist them.
Firm and Fit (FAF) is a regional health and fitness chain that is rapidly expanding. However, a new CIO is concerned that FAF has not been realistic about the cybersecurity risks that they face, yet he is having difficulty convincing the other senior vice presidents (SVPs) of this concern. Because FAF has not been the victim of a major attack, the other SVPs think that the security posture of FAF is fine. The new CIO has contracted with North Ridge Security to help provide information to the SVPs about risk. You have been asked to make a presentation to them. Create a PowerPoint presentation for the SVPs of FAF about managing risk. Include a definition of risk, different risk types, how to perform a risk analysis, and good risk management procedures. Your presentation should contain at least 10 slides.- (Ciampa).
Refer to Tech Republic Article about PowerPoint & for proper use of developing presentations in PowerPoint. Remember to use the speaker's notes (this is especially important as I will not see you give this presentation. I need to know what you will say if you were in front of an audience), a few bulleted items on the screen, and applicable graphics (charts, graphs, clipart) to make the presentation interesting. You should have an introduction slide, a conclusion slide, and a slide for the list of your sources, along with any content slides needed to get your point across. Information technology specialists always need to be prepared to talk about technology to those who are not versed in the subject. This assignment gives you practice in doing just that.
NOTE: You do NOT have to use PowerPoint. You can use any type of presentation creator that you want. You have to make sure to provide the speaker’s notes in a separate document if you use something that doesn't have that built-in.
See the rubric below to review how this assignment will be graded.
Presentation Grading Rubric