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Can you help me with my assignment?
Word count: approximately 300 words
Discussion forum #3 - Pay it forward, lessons for the big case
Aim to keep your discussions brief, between 2-4 paragraphs or approximately 300 words (as an approximate guide your entry must never exceed an A4 page in length). Please aim to be discursive - dont prepare a mini-essay! Acknowledgment of any additional sources you consult is expected and appreciated, but formal Harvard referencing is not required in the discussion forums.
Topic Point for discussion
Identify and list 4 key ideas from your case study that might assist you in developing a solution for your assignment case study: AUS. Briefly explain
(a) how the paper changes your thinking about the problem or situation in AUS.
(b) how these 4 key ideas could assist your group in developing the solution you are proposing for your assignment case study, AIS.
(2.5 marks each for each idea and its discussion across a & b)
Kimble, C. (2010) What Cost Knowledge Management? The Example of Infosys. Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 32(3), 2013, pp. 6-14