Recent Question/Assignment

DUE DATE: 1 May 2023
The number of lockdowns that has been experienced in the past 2 years has really affected small medium enterprises and consequently most of them were forced to shut down. One of the contributors to the shutdown is not having online presence to market their products and services. With the vast, rapidly changing choice of IS available, important business skills are understanding and assessing the range of options available, and then choosing the solution best suited to the business problem or opportunity.
As systems analysts you are required to think of any small medium business which has no online presence, assist the business how they can go about having an online presence in order to secure a niche market and to revive the business.
You can choose any industry you like.
For the business identified, use creative and critical analysis to develop an interesting business solution. For the purposes of this project you need to focus on the analysis and design of the proposed system.
You would need to develop a project document that contains the following:
1. System Vision Document
2. Requirements Specification
3. Detailed Design Specification
You need to explain how the proposed system will be acquired. This means choosing between bespoke development/ user development/ Off-the-shelf.
Important Information:
This is a group project. You would have already chosen a group which you are supposed to work with through the semester.. All members of the group are required to engage in this assignment.
All reports must be typed in Arial font, 12pts and 1.5 line spacing. The document needs to be in PDF format. A cover page including all group members’ surnames, initials and student numbers must be included. All work must be correctly referenced using the DUT Harvard referencing system.
Criteria Marks
Written Document Sections
System Vision Document: 10
• Problem Description 2.5
• Business Benefits 2.5
• System Capabilities 5
Requirements Specification: 15
• Detailed data requirements (DFDs)
• Functional and Non-functional requirements
Detailed Design Specification: 15
• User interface 5
• Data inputs and outputs 5
• Databases (including an ERD) 5
Acquisition method of the new system:
Bespoke development/user developed/Off-the-shelf 10
Presentation of Document:
• Word processed, table of contents, well-organised, referencing 5
Total 55