Recent Question/Assignment

7:21 .i = E3
Due: no later than week 10
The main criteria include:
¦ Length: 15 minutes
¦ To be recorded for you to use in your critical reflective essay
¦ More information will be provided in class
Part B: Written reflective essay: (35%) Word Count:
2000 - 2200
Due: week 11
You are required to submit a critical self-reflection of your role as the counsellor, considering the theories and skills you used during the counselling session and drawing on the 1 literature, class content, and skills practice in the tutorials. 4 Including the following:
¦ Describe and explain how your role play followed the process for an assessment when working with an individual or family. Provide examples from your role play to illustrate your comments.
¦ Describe and give examples of the counselling skills you used in your role play (using the information given in class and via the readings. You may also refer to the learning in Counselling theory and practice 1 in your first year)
¦ Explain how you worked with the client to assess the situation and planned your intervention.
• Include comments about referral, working with other professions if this is part of your intervention ¦ Critically evaluate how you performed as the counsellor. What strengths and limitations did you observe? Where did you struggle and what impact did this have on the process of the session? What could you have done differently?
¦ Comment on the ways in which you would use the professional supervision process to guide your work with the client
Use APA 7 referencing. Your reflective essay should include at least 8 (scholarly) journal articles read and/or textbook references. The format of your essay will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials.
Do NOT utilise sources such as and other such web materials as these in no way constitute academic references for the purpose of your assignments. If you rely on such sources for theoretical support, you will be deemed NOT to have met the requirements of the assessment.
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