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PROGRAMME Bachelor of Education Honours in Education Leadership and Management
MODULE Theories Models and Practices of Edu Leadership
INTAKE January 2023
Marks 100
Question 1 (25 Marks)
In education the leader is usually the principal of a school, a head of department, or the teacher in the classroom.
Leadership style is integrated closely with leadership models, management approaches and management styles. Examine
with example on the ways in which Transformational leadership style of the manager or leader can empower the school
Question 2 (25 Marks)
The school manager is expected to build school community relationships focussing on the transformational leadership
style. Assess ways that can be adopted to assist the school manager in implimanting and fulfiling this role.
Question 3 (25 Marks)
Demonstrate with practical examples reflecting on your experience how the uBuntu model of leadership will be implemented
and developed to colleagues, learners and the community of your school.
Question 4 (25 Marks)
Leading in the New Millennium is different, complex and dynamic. The process of leadership is as important as the
outcome; the relationships are as important as the context. Examine the millennium thinking of leaders today showing how
change in leadership is different, complex and dynamic in the New Millennium