Recent Question/Assignment

You will write a Nonfiction Essay based on one or more of your personal experiences.
(Note: Your essay should not be religious in nature.) Your essay should include an analogy to help develop your personal experience into a clear thesis. You need to develop your analogy within the entire essay and connect it to your story so the reader understands the point you are making.
What to Write:
• Introduction
o Include a preview of the personal experience(s) in the essay
o Introduce your analogy
o THESIS Statement - Tell the reader the points you will talk about in this essay in one sentence.
• Body Paragraphs #1 - 3
o Describe your personal experience(s)
o Use sensory details (taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing)
o Create a tone that matches with your analogy (i.e., optimistic)
o Connect your analogy to each part of your story in the body paragraphs.
• Conclusion
o Connect your experiences with your analogy
o Explain the lesson learned from the experience
o Show the significance of your experiences
• Include a Works Cited page for any sources used.
• Make sure to develop the analogy in the whole essay
• Avoid copying from the internet to avoid plagiarism. Use your own original ideas.

DO NOT type your assignment in the STUDENT FEEDBACK section or it will be rejected.
Attach your assignment as a Word or PDF document using correct MLA format in the ATTACHMENTS section.