Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 2: Research Proposal (45%)
Due Date: Week 9
Word Count: 2800 words
It is 12 months research time project where student have to do qualitative research ( such research where people shared experienced and feeling in different medium such as interview.) in Perth WA.
Students are required to submit their individually written research proposal.
A research proposal is a written document that details and explains a proposed research project. It is important to understand that this is a proposal for a research project – it is not a research project. The research proposal should be realistic and follow the following format (refer to Walter 2013, pp 43 – 46 for a detailed explanation of what should be contained within each of these section headings).
Note: Focused groups( Interviewee) : are the people who are victim are domestic violence in Perth Western Australia.

1. Title: Why most women do not report Domestic violence and Abuse in Perth WA.
2. Introduction: Why your research is different from others and talk what you going to write in this research. What are the main issues for not reporting domestic violence. Also write the outcomes of the research (to get funding so that we can do research on given topic).
3. Research questions and aims: Aim of the research is to get funding . students should write the overview of research on dot points
4. Literature review and/or background to the issue(900 words): Students need to write issues of the title. Explain why they are not reporting, in Perth Western Australia.
5. Method(s): In methods students (professional community workers) are going to interview focused groups.
Methods of interview: one to one face to face
: Minimum 20 people should be interviwed.
:Interview should be 45 to 60 minutes
: Find the interviewee from Community Agency (focused groups.)
6. Ethics: Write why ethical considerations is required in the research proposal. Why you are going to sign the consent form to your interviewees also mentioned the outlines, Beneficence, Justice the participants have agreed to.
7. Timetable:
? No boxes , timelines
? Date of commencement: From Jan 2024 to Dec 2024
? How long is the duration of research:12 months
? Monthly reports:
? Jan 2024: Students are doing literature Review, collect the information regarding why women’s are not reporting domestic violence in Perth Western Australia (Current Information)
? Feb2024: Continue literature review
: Appoint / identify research staff Assistant Research for your research.
: You need to employ: Transcriber.
: Assistant Research
: Counsellor
? March 2024: Identify Relevant Agency in Perth Western Australia.
: talk to them about your research projects.
: Explain that you are going to do interview with the focused groups (interviewee’s) of the Agency.
: Building relationship with Agency and involving their clients as focused groups through professional network and explain about your research proposal.
: Go to Agency meeting and get chance to meet with their clients.
? April2024: handled to clients/ focused groups the overview of your Research.
: Organized to do presentation on Agency to explain about your research
? May2024: : Identify potential 20 Interview clients from Community Agency who provide services.
? June and July2024: Conduct the 20 interviews with focused groups.
? August and September2024:: All interviews and focused groups are recorded Audially recorded, there will be no video recording.
; Result/ outcomes of interviews and Analysis all information.
? October and Nov2024: Write all the information /finding from interviews.
; 1 hrs of recorded discussion equal to 20 pages of A4
:400 pages of transcribes.
? Dec 2024: Disseminating
: writing journal article from pages of transcribe and publish it.
8.Budget and resources required:
Total: $80,000-100,000
Key Researcher: $60,000
Assistance researcher: $30,000
Transcriber: $450
Counselor: $34/hr
Library Meeting Room: $200
Printing Costs hard Copy: $200
Total Budgets:$93,885
9.Dissemination of results: to get information from interview to public
; publishing your finding on professional journal.
:to write reduce version of your research.
: you will condense your research to 12-15 pages of research.
; submit Academic Research journal for publication.
10. Conclusion: Summary of report
11. Reference list: Use APA 7 referencing. Your research proposal should include at least 12 (scholarly) journal articles and textbook references. The requirements of your research proposal will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials.
The research proposal must have a clear statement of the research topic, questions and aims and have a clear plan for how the research will be conducted.

IMPORTANT: In order for you to pass this assessment task, your research topic, aims and questions and above mentioned things should be on the Assessment. Your research proposal needs to be of QUALITATIVE research,


Do NOT utilise sources such as and other such web materials as these in no way constitute academic references for the purpose of your assignments. If you rely on such sources for theoretical support you will be deemed NOT to have met the requirements of the assessment.