Recent Question/Assignment

Your assignment for this project is to think like a historian and create a museum exhibit (in PowerPoint) that describes at least three major events or themes from this unit in a clear and interesting way. You can choose one topic from the following events from the unit for your project, broken down by lesson:
• Lesson One: The Industrial Revolution, Industrial Reform
• Lesson Two: Irish Home Rule, Canadian Home Rule, The Women’s Suffrage Movement
• Lesson Three: Colonization of Africa, The Crimean War, British Rule in India,
• Lesson Four: The Opium Wars, Modernization of Japan, The Mexican Revolution
• Lesson Five: World War One, World War Two
For the ONE topic you choose, you must think as if you were a museum curator and design an exhibit that explains the topic fully to the reader. You will complete outside research to arrive at a deeper understanding of the subject and find interesting information to present in your exhibit. CITATIONS ARE REQUIRED.
You should have five content slides in your exhibit, at least one historical image per slide related to the content that grasps the reader’s attention, and at least a paragraph of information per slide that includes interesting details about the historical event. Think as if you were trying to tell the story of this event to someone who had never heard about it and was visiting your museum. What would you include in your five slides so that they would walk away with a good understanding of what happened?
Use your creativity and really try to think like a museum curator here! Feel free to explore the content in interesting ways. You could create slides related to specific individuals that were involved in your event, technologies, or anything historically related to it!
This is your chance to use your history skills that you have learned throughout the course to present history to others! For inspiration visit the Smithsonian website to view some of their exhibits in history
When creating your slideshow make sure to use the following checklist. Your slideshow should have:
1. A title slide with your name and the title of your exhibit
2. Five content slides dedicated to explaining your chosen topic in detail
3. Relevant historical images on each exhibit slide
4. One paragraph (at least 5 sentences) of information per slide
5. Neat, consistent formatting throughout
6. Proper grammar and writing skills
7. A works cited slide at the end of the project with MLA style citations
8. Before submitting, review the green project rubric to ensure you are meeting all requirements