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Need help in preparing an assignment for Research for Business Decision Making
Assessment 1 Part B
In this part, you submit a paper that summarises recent research findings for practitioners (1,800 words)
i. 400 word introduction that explains why the research is important for business
ii. 350 summary for each of the 4 research articles you submitted in part 1a (unless you have received course coordinator approval to do otherwise) (1,400 words total)
iii. On each page, insert a footer that includes your student ID, Name, and page number. On the first page top right hand corner include the word count of the document.
Due date for Assessment 1 Part B - 11 pm Friday March 31, 2023
Your paper needs to be written for a practitioner audience. Assume this practitioner is not familiar with the research, which means you need to use plain language and explain concepts. A template for this paper has been provided below.
The research essay must be your original work. Appropriate attribution of ideas to relevant sources (e.g. through citations, paraphrasing) is a key skill you need to demonstrate in your essay. Any reproduction of other research essays or inappropriate use of other sources (e.g. copying and pasting from another literature review) is a serious breach of academic integrity.
I have figured out 2 journals that are
-Sewon Kim, (2014) Assessing the Influence of Managerial Coaching on Employee Outcomes, Human Resource Development Quarterly. Volume 25 Issue 1.
-Yoonhee Park, Ronald L. Jacobs (2011), The Influence of Investment in Workplace Learning on Learning Outcomes and Organizational Performance, Human Resource Development Quarterly. Volume 22 Issue 4.
Need help in just helping me find 2 other journals for the to[pic - The effect of workplace learning on organizational or employee outcomes.
The main help required is finding out the other 2 journals which are A* OR A according to the ABDC list. And summarising those 2 articles I will do on my own.
(300 words summary for the 2 journals you will help me to find out)
Let me know if you need more specifications.