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SITHCCC031 Prepare vegetarian and vegan dishes
Provide answers to all of the questions below.
1. List and briefly describe five different substitute ingredients used for vegetarian and vegan dishes for each of the food categories below.
Substitute Description
Meat Tofu
Beans and
Cream/Sour cream
Ice cream
Egg ground flaxseed with water
chia seeds
baking powder and oil

2. List four types of fresh products used in standard recipes for vegetarian and vegan dishes and give two examples of each.
Type of fresh product Give two examples
3. List five culinary terms commonly used for vegetarian and vegan dishes.
4. List three kind of labels that could be used for vegetarian and vegan products/dishes and what would be on the label.
5. List one vegetarian and one vegan dish and describe their characteristics.
Name of the dish Describe the characteristics
Vegetarian dish:
Vegan dish:
6. Briefly describe how the following can enhance the appearance and presentation of vegetarian and vegan dishes.
7. List two reasons for modern variations on vegetarian and vegan dishes and provide an example for each.
Reason for modern variation Example for vegetarian and vegan
8. Complete the following table for two vegetarian or vegan ingredients/products and how to identify freshness and quality.
Vegetarian or vegan ingredients/products Freshness and quality indicators
9. List three important points when selecting ingredients for preparing vegetarian and vegan dishes.

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10. List six common accompaniments and six sauces used in vegetarian and vegan dishes.
Accompaniment Sauces
11. List and briefly describe two historical and cultural origins of different vegetarian and vegan dishes or products.
12. List eight common cookery methods used in vegetarian and vegan dishes and provide an example.
Product Common cookery methods
13. What food safety risks are associated with raw eggs and is there a difference in the risk using alternative egg products?
14. List four ways to minimise food safety risks with raw eggs and alternative egg products. You should list 2 for raw eggs and 2 for alternative egg products.

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15. How does mise en place differ for vegetarian and vegan dishes?
16. List five common vegetarian or vegan products and their appropriate storage conditions.
Item stored Storage conditions
17. How can you ensure food safety and optimise shelf life of vegetarian and vegan ingredients and products?
18. How can you ensure that you follow safe operational practices when using equipment to produce vegetarian and vegan dishes?