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Assessment Task 2: Research Report
SIT40521- Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
SITHCCC029 - Prepare stocks, sauces, and soups
Qualification SIT40521- Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

Research and report
Research each stock, sauce and soup and use the information you have found to complete the Research report template below.

1.Why do we use stocks, sauces and soups?
Discuss the use of stocks, sauces and soups in cookery. What dishes are stocks and sauces used with? What dishes are soups matched with? What service styles serve soup?

Short definition
Give 3 examples of each
What are they used with, Name 3 dishes using each
Identify different types of stock, including the main four stocks you have learned about during this unit. Also identify some regional/traditional varieties. Describe the difference in preparation of white and brown stocks, including basic ingredients and ingredient ratios. Briefly explain the cooking process, including approximate cooking durations for brown, white, fish and vegetable stocks.
Name of stock
Brief description of the stock and differences
Basic ingredients and ratios
Cooking process and duration
Stock 1. Brown stocks
Put the bone into oven
Stock 2. Fish
Stock 3. Chicken
Stock 4. Vegetable
Specialty/regional stock.
Identify and describe each of the six mother sauces, including:
• ingredients
• preparation technique/methods

• derivatives of each mother sauce
Name of sauces ingredients Preparation/method/technique Derivatives, minimum 2
Identify two classical sauces and two contemporary/modern sauces. For each one, provide a brief background on their origin.
Name of sauces Brief background of their origin
Classical 1.
Classical 2.
Modern 1.
Modern 2.
Identify and describe three soup classifications. Identify the typical serving size of entrée and main soups, and the types of garnishes that can be used.
Classification of soup Typical serving size for entrée and main portion Type of garnishes used
Or accompaniment 1 example for each classification
1.clear soup
2.Thick soup
3.pure soup
4.National soup
Identify two classical soups and two contemporary/modern soups. For each one, provide a brief background on their origin.
Name of soups Brief background of their origin
Classical 1.
Classical 2.
Modern 1.
Modern 2.
Identify and briefly describe three national soups, including:
• country of origin
• brief history
• ingredients
• how the soup is served
• any garnishes and accompaniments.
Name of National soup Country of origin & brief history Ingredients Garnishes/ accompaniments/ how it Is served
Appearance and presentation
Choose at least one stock, one sauce and one soup (unless your assessor has provided you with specific ones to research). Describe how each should appear. How should they be presented to maximise customer appeal?
Freshness indicators
Describe the freshness indicators for the ingredients used when preparing these stocks, sauces and soups
Quality indicators
Describe three quality indicators for each stock sauce and soup:
Taste profile
Describe the taste profile of each stock, sauce and soup.
Texture profile
Describe the texture profile of each stock, sauce and soup.
Choose 1stock, 1
sauce, 1 soup Appearance & presentation Freshness of ingredients used & quality indicators for each Taste & texture profile
Name of stock: Sweet soul, clod hot rich.
Name of sauce:
Name of soup: