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SOE E11153 Individual Assessment Instructions
Assessment Type Deadline Late submission
Assessment 1 Individual 5th of March 2023 Penalised*
*Coursework must be submitted no later than 23:59hrs on the submission dates given above.
Late submissions will be subject to penalties. Coursework submitted up to 5 days late will be
capped at 40% and any coursework submitted beyond this will be marked as fail.
Instruction for submission:
Reports must be submitted individually through the submission box on Moodle (Turnitin) by
the deadline.
Instructions for report preparations:
1. Find out what topic has been assigned to you.
2. Use the formal report structure.
3. Read and reference at least 5 recent (2023-2018) peer reviewed academic articles on
the topic.
4. Other references can be from grey literature (e.g., newspaper, whitepaper, company
websites, supply chain and logistics magazines)
5. Report should be no more than 2000 words. Minimum word length is 1900 and
maximum is 2000.
6. Use academic reference style followed by Edinburgh Napier University
Instructions for critically analysing the given topic:
1. Define and introduce each concept.
2. Argue why you think a certain concept is a trend or a challenge?
3. Be clear and concise.
4. Use data whenever possible
5. Reference source of data
6. Use figures / tables to convey your message
7. Reference source of figures and tables (it is a good practice to generate your own
figure rather than copy pasting)
Any question about the assessment should be asked in the Moodle page Q&A section.
First name Surname Topic
Abijith Binoy Trends in maritime logistics
Aby Abraham . Trends in third-party logistics
Adil Chowara Asharaf Chowara Asharaf Trends in e-logistics
Aditya . Trends in urban frieight logistics
Aftab . Challenges in maritime logsitics
Ahmad Shahaab Challenges in third-party logistics
Akhil Paul Challenges in e-logistics
Akshay Raj Kizhakkiniyil Challenges in urban frieight logistics
Allan Woodburn Trends in maritime logistics
Amar Joythi Reddy Ande Trends in third-party logistics
Aminat Mustapha Trends in e-logistics
Ann Oniya Trends in urban frieight logistics
Ann Thomas Challenges in maritime logsitics
Ayodeji Owolabi Challenges in third-party logistics
Babra Hamyoun Challenges in e-logistics
Ben Albert Biju Biju Challenges in urban frieight logistics
Christencia Nnema Keleze Trends in maritime logistics
Damilola Adeyemo Trends in third-party logistics
Deborah Aladetoyinbo Trends in e-logistics
Dorathy Chinasa Agbalalah Trends in urban frieight logistics
Farhath Musliyar Kurumkattil Challenges in maritime logsitics
Gowtham Krishna Remeshan Nair Challenges in third-party logistics
Gurpreet . Challenges in e-logistics
Harikrishnan Ajayakumar Challenges in urban frieight logistics
Jinsemon Kurackanal Shaji Trends in maritime logistics
Jubril Agoro Trends in third-party logistics
Kafayat Olawuyi Trends in e-logistics
Kareem Ishola Balogun Trends in urban frieight logistics
Keerthivasan Sampathkumar Challenges in maritime logsitics
Kiran Kumar Pallikole Challenges in third-party logistics
Kolawole Ajewole Challenges in e-logistics
Kunle Oyenuga Challenges in urban frieight logistics
Lokesh Nagesh Trends in maritime logistics
Manu Jose Trends in third-party logistics
Mayank Gopalbhai Bhatt Trends in e-logistics
Md Nazmul Hasan Trends in urban frieight logistics
Megha Padmanabhan Thekkandathil Challenges in maritime logsitics
Mohini Singh Challenges in third-party logistics
Monsurat Onabadejo Challenges in e-logistics
Muhammed Arshad Kizhakkumparamban Challenges in urban frieight logistics
Mukesh Kumar Gudishe Trends in maritime logistics
Nitin Mahesh Trends in third-party logistics
Nonye Ifeneme Trends in e-logistics
Oluwagbemiga AkoredeOmiyale Trends in urban frieight logistics
Omotola Adesanya Challenges in maritime logsitics
Oyebanji Sulayman Challenges in third-party logistics
Pankaj - Challenges in e-logistics
First name Surname Topic
Preetpal . Challenges in urban frieight logistics
Prem Kumar Devatha Trends in maritime logistics
Raima Nadeem Trends in third-party logistics
Renoy Samuel Trends in e-logistics
Richard Oladoyin Trends in urban frieight logistics
Sachin . Challenges in maritime logsitics
Salla Gai Challenges in third-party logistics
Sarvesh Yogesh Surve Challenges in e-logistics
Seyi Ogunbusola Challenges in urban frieight logistics
Shaika Farhat Trends in maritime logistics
Shubhangi Gupta Trends in third-party logistics
Sooraj Puthur Raju Trends in e-logistics
Sunilkumar Bharatbhai Patel Trends in urban frieight logistics
Tosin Fawole Challenges in maritime logsitics
Toyosi Oyedepo-lawal Challenges in third-party logistics
Uzair Umeedali Shaikh Challenges in e-logistics
Varghese Paul Challenges in urban frieight logistics
Yedukrishnan Balachandran Trends in maritime logistics