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Ecosystem Analysis
Zoom Communications
Goal: Zoom provides frictionless video communication environment to encourage professional interaction.
Industry: Online video technology.
Product: Meetings.
(Needed: 4+ industries and 3 characteristics for each industry)
Network Provider
• AT&T and Zoom collaborated to give customers clear audio and video for communication, which can accommodate thousands of participants at once, and allow seamless embedding of third-party applications within Zoom meetings, enhancing collaborative features to increase productivity in virtual and hybrid workspace. (AT&T Intellectual Property, 2021)
• Zoom is designed to run in 3G, 4G/LTE, WIFI or a wired connection regardless of what internet provides customer uses. It is suggested to have a minimum range of 0.6-1.5Mbps for Zoom to function basic tasks such as a one-to-one video calls with uploads and downloads. (BuyTVInternetPhone, 2022)
• Zoom utilizes Lumen Technology’s fiber network to strengthen and provide exceptional quality video communication platforms, where they help organizations grow in secure conditions. (Lumen Technologies, 2020)
Hardware and Software
• Zoom allows customers to join a meeting in a web browser, although with limited services, without downloading any plugins or software. This feature doesn’t require the customers to signin to a zoom account, however they need to identify themselves and are subject to require permission from the host. (Zoom Video Communications Inc, 2021)
• As businesses have relied on Zoom for communication, Zoom has partnered with Lenovo’s ThinkSmart to feature devices that area designed to handle the Zoom meetings. (Lenovo Tech Today, 2022)
• “Zoom delivered by Lumen” allows organizations to shift to cloud environment efficiently and securely, making the video-first Zoom platform virtually accessible from anywhere. (Lumen Technologies, 2022)
• Canva offers extensive choices of virtual backgrounds for Zoom meetings, to reinforce the meeting’s quality with professional atmosphere no matter where participants are working from. (Canva, 2021)
Information Technology
• Zoom technical experts are available 24/7 at customer’s disposal to provide support and solutions. (Zoom Video Communications Inc, 2022)
• Zoom’s architecture allocates the intelligent agents in customer’s devices to effectively encode and decode depending on the performance of customer’s technology, network speed and stability, etc. (Zoom Video 2021 Annual Report, 2021)
• Zoom allows users to enhance the security of their meetings by giving them option to enable or disable feature to only let authenticated participants to join their meeting. (Zoom Video Communications Inc, 2022)
Banking and Finance
• Zoom accumulated a revenue of over $2.65 billion in 2021 from its cloud-based platform, that provides unified communication services. (Vailsherry, 2022)
• While, basic Zoom meetings are free, it comes with limited functionalities. An individual or an organization can purchase additional plan with extended functionalities for as low as
$14.99/month/license. (Zoom Video Communications Inc, 2022)
• Zoom facilitates its users with wide range of payment options, that has made it easier for users to manage their subscriptions. It also allows users to pay manually or put their account on autopay. (Zoom Video Communications Inc, 2022)
Network Provider
1. With information technology: AT&T’s teleconference reservation provides an exclusive URL, which helps users access reliable video and audio conferencing at supported devices. (AT&T Intellectual Property, 2019)
2. With consumers: In a geographically distributed infrastructure, where people from all over the world are relying on Zoom communications to fulfill their professional and personal interactions, proper network connection will let customers access Zoom’s cloud platform from anywhere. (Zoom Video Communications Inc, 2020)
Hardware and Software
1. With information technology: Zoom’s performance and user experience depends on the interoperability of their platform across all devices and operating systems and support all thirdparty applications. Zoom Communications might not function properly if they are not able to sustain good relationship with third party organizations and congregate their platforms and solutions. (Zoom Video Communications Inc, 2022)
2. With consumers: Zoom integrates consumers into building new products and services, such as backgrounds for videos and co-creates with consumers. (Canva, 2021)
Information Technology
1. With hardware and Software: To reduce crowding and network failure, Zoom spread its servers across 17 data centers around the world. (Kominers, 2020)
2. With consumers: IT organizations put the security in place for Zoom to securely provide reliable services to its customers and employees. (Kominers, 2020)
Banking and Finance
1. With network provider: Zoom intends to retain their profits and earnings to invest and contribute to the further development of the products they offer. (Zoom Video 2021 Annual Report, 2021)
2. With consumers: Zoom’s flexible pricing model helps them receive utmost customer satisfaction. They give customers complementary features such chat-box with meeting product. (Kominers, 2020)
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