Recent Question/Assignment

• Develop a teaching plan with an associated concept map showing connections between big ideas of number, algebra and probability. Show links within the local state and/or Australian Curriculum.
• Indicate aspects of the three areas that are linked. Show these links within each area and between the areas. (e.g., How are ideas within multiplicative thinking linked? How are these ideas linked to other aspects of number?)
• Develop these links into a concept map.
• Perform a content analysis of the AC: M or state curriculum. Indicate where the connections you have identified are found in the curriculum. Present this in table form showing the three areas.
Describe three activities (in Daily Work Pad style) that you could use with Year Five/Six children to develop the links between the three areas.
• What gets submitted?
What you need to submit as one document (word/page limits include all text [headings, in-text citations, captions, direct quotes]).
(1.5 spacing and all margins at 2; blank line between paragraphs; font 12-point Calibri).
1. An introduction – maximum of 300 words.
2. A concept map showing connections between concepts in mathematics (digital or hand drawn)
3. A table showing the analysis of related concepts - maximum of two (2) A4 pages (1.5 spacing and all margins at 1; font 12 points Calibri).
4. Descriptions of the three activities (discussion, bullet points, numbering, and images are all allowed for this section.) – maximum one (1) A4 page each for a total of three (3) A4 pages (1.5 spacing and all margins at 1; the blank line between paragraphs; font 12 points Calibri).
5. A conclusion - maximum of 300 words.
6. A reference list.
7. An appendix (if needed).
• Concept Map Examples attached
Three examples concept map -snippets- from previous units are available here
• Extended Daily Work Pad style attached
Information on the extended daily work pad and an example (of one, remember you need to do three) are provided in this document