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15 slides PowerPoint presentation on the topic - Promoting patient comfort to enhance recovery from an ailment.
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NUR 5013- Nursing Science
Theory Integration in Practice Presentation Criteria &Rubric
The purpose of this assignment is to develop a plan to integrate a selected nursing or shared theory into an aspect of your practice. The theory may be from nursing or outside of nursing and should guide understanding of factors and/or process related to the practice situation, patient population, and/or practice problem. Provide rationale for all sections – rationales can be placed on the slide(s) or verbalized in the presentation narration. Presentation guidelines are below. Maximum time limit is 15 minutes.
Outline for Audio PowerPoint or Media Presentation Number of Slides Points Possible
1. Title Slide. 1 slide ---
2. The Practice Situation: Identify the practice situation, patient population with specific needs, or practice problem. 2-3 slides 10
3. Theory: 5-8 slides
a. Identify a nursing or shared theory that currently guides or would provide guidance in the practice situation, patient population, or practice problem 10
b. Examine the goal of the theory and compare (apply) it to the outcomes or goals of the practice situation, patient population, or practice problem. 10
c. Explain how the context of the theory is congruent with the practice situation. Examine the theory to determine context for application and relationship to the practice situation, patient population, or practice problem. 10
d. Compare and contrast the theory variables (concepts) and variables in your practice situation, patient population, or practice problem. 10
e. Demonstrate expert judgment about nursing actions that are implied or explicit within the theory and how well the nursing actions will work in your situation. 5
4. Plan for Practice Theory Integration: 5-8 slides
a. Discuss a plan for a project to address the patient population, practice situation, or practice problem. Plan should include: 1) at least two measurable outcome objectives, (10 points) 2) specific strategies indicating who, what, where, when, how the plan would be implemented, (10 points)
3) how the outcomes would be evaluated. (10 points) 30
5. References - Follow APA formatting guidelines. *Does not count toward slide total. 5
6. Discussion Forum - post your presentation on the Week 8 discussion forum and evaluate a minimum of two other presentations from your peers. 10 points assigned to DF.
Total 20 slides (maximum) 90 points
+ 10 pts DF
100 points
NUR5013: Nursing Science Theory Integration Rubric; Rev. 10/2022