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Discuss the following the concept and circumstances of reha duaj assessm of rehabilitation, best practices, confidentiality/ethics an marks)
Models of Rehabilitation (5 marks)
• Select one rehabilitation model model
• Examine the purpose and components of t
• Discuss the effectiveness of this model
• Explore the challenges faced by this model rehabilitation
• Appraise what resources are needed to implement
Best Practice (5 marks)
• Identify through research examples of best practice both in ,re' rehabilitation internationally of one specific area of rehabilitation e.g. voca
Confidentiality/ Ethics (5 marks)
• Outline the importance of respect and the need for confidentiality (privacy)
• Defines -Ethics' and -Healthcare Ethics'.
• Explain the importance of patient confidentiality and consider the extent to which it should be maintained. (Family members, healthcare professionals)
• Discuss how confidential information in relation to patients is maintained securely and in compliance with data protection legislation
Individual Assessment (5 marks)
• Discuss individual assessment and rehabilitation plans
• Acknowledge that the individual is enabled to express what is important to him/her
• Appreciates the person as an individual and focuses on outcomes important to him/her
• Understands the need for the individual to be fully informed throughout the assessment and planning process
Outline specific legislation relating to rehabilitation and the national approach to date. (5 marks)
• Evaluate Irish legislation in relation to rehabilitation
• Discuss how legislation is varied and falls under many government
Discuss in detail the rehabilitation approach in one area of addiction. (
• Select any area of addiction and explore their rehabilitative appr
• Look in detail at the importance of rehabilitation in this area. * difficulties
• Appraise how addiction problems are often associated with sigm
in the personal lives of the users and/or of their families an t. e: r t^uS
rehabilitation can take in preventing/treating/overcoming a ic
preventing the continuum

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Title: Rehabilitation

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