Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment Brief_________________________________________
The learner is required to complete a Learner Journal describing a range of specific learning experiences and skills acquired:
Part 1 - Analyse the evolving role of leadership over time, to include current and past examples of good leadership and its impact on the turn of events
• Explain leadership
• Examine and explain in detail the development/change of leadership over time
• Give reasons/examples to why leadership has changed
• Include current and past examples of leaders and the impact they had
Part 2 - Evaluate leadership styles and approaches in a range of public and private contexts, to include leadership dilemmas, the need for leadership in all aspects of life, and the impact of personal and public ethics, morals, and values
• Pick 3 leadership styles - define and explain each
• Compare the differences and similarities between the styles you have chosen
• Discuss how you could use these types of leadership styles in a social care environment, while also proving examples to back up your discussion
• Examine how dilemmas, ethics, morals, and values would impact your workplace can they impact them positively or negatively, are they important in a social care setting, etc.
Part 3 - Draw up a personal leadership plan for a task, project, or job, to include strengths and areas for improvement
• Imagine you are planning a fundraising event for an important social care organisation of your choice (Note: this is a plan - you are not required to act on this in real life)
• This event can be anything or be anywhere you feel is appropriate to the group involved
• Once you have your idea you will then us the Project Initiation Documents (PIP) layout (What, why, who, how and when)
Part 4 - Demonstrate leadership skills in a chosen environment, to include reflection on personal experience and progress
• Think of a personal experience where you previously completed a task/activity that you took the role of ‘leader’ (this does not have to be a social care related task/activity as it is a personal experience)
• Using Borton’s reflective model (what, so what, now what) you need to reflect on this experience detailing the types of leadership skills you used and how they may have helped the task/activity