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Section A
1. Give an example of a scientific question, and your reasons for choosing it, that could be investigated with an experiment.
2. List the six characteristics of all living things.
3. Identify four unifying principles of modern biology, and give examples.
4. Outline the levels of organization of a complex, multicellular organism such as a mouse, starting with the cell.
o Provide an example for each level
5. What is homeostasis? Give an example and explain its importance
6. What is a scientific hypothesis? 3b. What characteristics must a hypothesis have to be useful in science? Give an example.
7. In your own words (a) Give the definition of Science then (b) Identify the goal of science.
8. Define Biodiversity and Evolution. Then explain how the two concepts are related.
Section B - Section B (30 points each) All responses must be at least a 150 words.
9. Sir Isaac Newton has discovered many laws, besides the laws of motion. (a) What law of nature did Newton discover? (b) How did he relate his discovery to the relationship between the Earth and the Moon?
10. List the steps of the Scientific Method (Investigation), and give an explanation of each step.
Section C
The project report PDF is shared

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2831 words including Figures and References

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