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Class Project - Due Day of Final
Here are the instructions for the Project(s). There are essentially two parts to the Statistics project but will have a single grade covering:
Part A - Descriptive Statistics and Part B - Inferential Statistics
Task: Analyze the data set of Quiz and Test scores of two sections of Statistics taught in a previous semester. Use ALL descriptive and inferential tools learned in class to present an 3-4 page APA formatted page written (tables, views, graphs not included - in this requirement) outlining minimally following:
Statistically significant differences in Test and Quiz Scores between Section A and Section B. Section A was taught once a week, Section B, twice a week.
Statistically significant differences in Test and Quiz Scores between Male and Female Students
Statistically significant differences in the proportion of students in Section A and Section B who have less than a 70% average. For this exercise weight Tests as 65% of the total grade and Quizzes 35% of the total grade. (Hint: Extra work is involved)
Discussion of confidence intervals of both Test and Quiz means associated with each Group analyzed and a user friendly comparison there of.
Development of Hypothesis tests to help prove a case one way or another in the differences between the groups in question. Use gravitas to set up your hypothesis test, confidence interval and test statistic(s)
Discussion of assumptions built into your analysis (for any of the tools/processes to be used)
Discussion of core descriptive statistics of each group analyzed.
Some guidance:
1. Your analysis may compare each test/quiz against each group or an AGGREGATE of all tests or all quizzes against each group. If your group does each test individually you may get more insight. Your call.
2. Assume each section took the same test/quiz. (treat blanks as a blank not a zero)
3. Use as many tools as you have been exposed this semester to do core descriptive statistics and subsequent inferential statistics.
4. I'll leave it to your gravitas to organize your paper to cover the core requirements above. My only request is to USE APA format please.
5. Treat gaps in data as that gaps. Do not assign a 0, treat it as not taking the exam for calculating mean purposes.
6. Use StatCrunch for all statistical analysis. I'll help with core features, but it will take some additional work to do the analysis that is required. Hint StatCrunch enables you to capture all of its statistical output. I highly suggest to keep your statistical output.
7. The paper is due 11:59pm the day of your final.
8. Please get this done the most fair, professional, and expeditious way possible. Each student essentially has slightly less than a month to do about a couple of day's work
9. Data set is attached.
10. Don't wait until the last moment, your paper will show that faulty effort if waiting for the last moment.
(Three to four papers written: Discussion + Analysis + Conclusion)