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Objective: to assess students’ ability to analyze complex historical sources and materials and reach conclusions based on interpretations of those materials.
• Please answer the following question as coherently and completely as possible.
• Develop a clear thesis supported by evidence primarily from the assigned primary sources using MLA in-text citationsLinks to an external site.. Primary Source CitationLinks to an external site. example slide.
• Length requirement: 500-750 words
• Course material only, no outside sources for this assignment.
• Additional formatting guidelines:
o Please include your name and class information
o No title needed BUT please indicate which number you are answering
o 12-point font, double space
o Works Cited Page unnecessary
o Acceptable file extension include: .pdf and .docx
Please indicate the number of the question you are responding to on your assignment.
[Culture and Identity]: How did medieval society portray understanding about religious beliefs and natural disasters in the the assigned -Readings in the Black Death?
o Please note you only need to use ONE source within the -Readings in the Black Death- PDF document

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